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‘Kirtan Lila’ – Give Peace a Chant / Sandhya Records℗2015

‘Divine Play’ Instrumentals – Give Peace a Chant / Sandhya Records℗2016
Soundtrack for ‘Yoga Moves TV’ with Sandra Leigh



‘Gopal Lila’ – Give Peace a Chant / Sandhya Records℗2017

Recorded Live!

Recorded Live!

Spring 2021 Update 🌸 ‘Give Peace a Chant’ releases – presented by Sandhya Music© will be available soon on amazon music! Stay tuned!



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Playlists – videos from outdoor bhakti festivals, special guest events, and currently posting new music videos and premieres, once or twice per month. Stay tuned in 2021 🌸.

Bhajan Night Live




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