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2020 reminder: you are seen, you are loved, you are heard, you are needed!

Playing live music and singing in large groups may be on hold, but it’s not forever.

In 2020, I’m officially inviting you to be a part of a fundraising project called Braja Animal Care. Every donation matters and even a small amount goes a long way to help the team assist and care for stray and injured animals in India.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya • I bow to the Beloved in the heart of all beings.

You’re invited to meet up at the GIVE PEACE A CHANT COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD a volunteer run (private) FB group ~ free of charge ~ share your events, advertise online classes and offerings, festivals, workshops, etc.

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In 2020, I’ve been remixing, producing i108 music videos, creating lush sound healing playlists, exclusively for YouTube.

Stay positive friends, study, connect, create, reflect and most importantly, enjoy good vibes.

2019 Music Update:

INDIA 2019 • This video is dedicated to the late, great Shyamdas ji • 2019 Japa walk through the mustard fields of Vraj, all the way to Barsana with Vraj Darshan by Mohan

2019 Music Update continued:
‘Divine Play’ Instrumental remix project, i108 (music for yoga). Due to the present circumstances, I am learning how to create content, only using the old iPhone7. I’ve been making the best of it, remixing my favourite ‘Give Peace a Chant’ recordings, including my studio recordings, world instrumentals, ideal for yoga class warm ups, activation, modern movement workshops, partner work, dance choreography, yoga dance, body work, etc.