Spring 2017

Namasté Friend 🌈 Thanks for dropping by our website. 🌈

Our plans for Spring start taking shape in May 2017, when we’ll begin a new recording project at the brand new Park Sound Studio in North Vancouver, BC. We give thanks for these unknown blessings ahead!

Fingers crossed for a new GPaC single, releasing for Summer, 2017. Stay tuned!

We have some dates for community Kirtan/ Indian Bhajan practice, coming up. Please check back later.

Finally to say, I made a short music video last week of heavy Spring rain in slow-mo. We live in the Pacific Rain Forest and for me, the forest has always been an incredible place to go for inspiration, healing, deep rest, re-set, etc. I feel fortunate to share my music and yoga with people, and I pray our offerings help to somehow soothe broken hearts around the world. May all beings be peaceful. May all beings be free from suffering 🌈 🙏 🌈

EnJoy ‘Happiness Hoedown’ from our CD ‘Divine Play’, released 2016:
🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈