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Welcome to our music page! Please preview our music online and add our downloads to your playlist collection. It’s been a pleasure to create call and response bhajans, and whether you sing along or just listen to the soothing mantra music,  we are glad to have added positive vibes to your world.

‘Gopal Lila’ (SandhyaRecords 2017 ©)
Single EP, 4 tracks (36:00) call and response western style. Kirtan track plus, sound healing and instrumental versions designed especially for inspiring moves in yoga/dance classes. Bhakti mantra music brings us closer to the heart.  Released November 17/17.


‘Divine Play’ (2016) is sequel to Kirtan Lila’ (2015) mainly an instrumental version, created for yoga practice/ for yoga teachers. Lush, longer tracks encourage expansion of breath and energy to express flow and intuitive movement +++ sound healing voices for deeper relaxation and ultimate enjoyment!

From 2015, ‘Kirtan Lila’ is a collection of mantra, devotional bhajan, some traditional and some original ‘peace through music’ melodies. We began recording in Glasgow, Scotland. Then, we added field recordings from Govardhan near Jatipura, India, thanks to help from friends. We completed ‘Kirtan Lila’ in Kitsilano, in Vancouver, BC in 2015.

Our Live Kirtan (FREE Downloads)
Recorded live, in Kitsilano, BC: ‘Give Peace a Chant’ Friday Night Kirtan (Diwali Celebration of Light) –   lyrics included, so you can join in singing response!

Find us on SoundCloud as givepeaceachant

Bhajan Night Live

LISTEN: ‘Give Peace a Chant’  Indian Bhajan Night Live

LISTEN: Shantih Paath (prayers for peace)

For more on our YouTube, we are givepeaceachant108 and  YogaMovesTV

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