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Our Sounds:
Released in 2016 ‘Divine Play’ is the sequel to GPaC’s Indian Bhajan & Mantra CD, Kirtan Lila’ (2015). An Instrumental version with Harmonium, Kohl, Tabla, Bagpipes, Penny Whistle, Conch, and more. Village sounds (of Jatipura in India) and only hints of mantra soaring vocals. ‘Divine Play’ was created for yoga practice with yoga teachers in mind. Lush, longer tracks encourage flow for movement and breath awareness / tracks for deep relaxation, too.

‘Divine Play’ is soundtrack for ‘Yoga Moves for Every Body’ on Shaw TV Vancouver, Channel 4 //  Shaw MultiCultural Channel 116 // on YouTube as YogaMovesTVOur hope is to inspire your yoga, dance, bodywork into action!

A Review! Hey Ho! Yo ho! Thanks to Dave O Rama from BCMusicianMagazine  for sweetly praising our latest collection on our ‘Divine Play’ CD!


Find us on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. Thanks for listening and supporting the vision of peace through music. 

Our Sounds:
From Spring/ Summer 2015, ‘Kirtan Lila’ CD is a collection of sacred Vedic Mantras, Indian bhajans (devotional songs) that were recorded in the spirit of our well loved Kirtan gatherings! Our first CD since 2004, we hope you’ll discover our humble offering carries healing properties of conscious vibration within the ancient mantras and bhakti poetry. Many thanks to the beautiful bhaktas, artists, friends, mentors, teachers and family, intentional or not, who contributed to this CD! I finally did it.

Our Sounds:
Recorded live, in Kitsilano, BC: ‘Give Peace a Chant’ Friday Night Kirtan for Diwali –   (lyrics included)

Thanks, again for supporting our music! Look for us on YouTube, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.