Check back for Kirtan / Satsang in 2018

✨🐮🐮✨ Namasté Friends, thanks for dropping by!

UPDATE February 2018: ‘Give Peace a Chant’ is on a break from booking community Kirtan gatherings. We hope to be back, soon! Thanks to everyone who came out for 01/01/18:


UPDATE: 2018, please accept our apologies as the Mailchimp link has an error and we are not able to receive your email address, just now.  Thanks for your patience. Please try again, later.

Meanwhile, contact us page still works if you have any questions. ✨🐮🐮✨

BULLETIN BOARD:  Give Peace a Chant  Kirtan Community FB group  for posting local/international bhakti yoga/conscious music events, Kirtan/ Satsang, including our own events, videos and online Satsang. All posts are reviewed and approved by volunteers to reduce spam content on the page, so thank you for your patience.

OFFERING: There are some beautiful videos and recordings we have posted online, plus, our Bandcamp and Soundcloud are open for preview @givepeaceachant108. Thanks for tuning in!


Our latest EP offering, ‘Gopal Lila’ (released Nov 17/17) by Give Peace a Chant.  Many thanks to Andy Schichter and Park Sound in North Vancouver, 🇨🇦 (scroll down for link).  Thanks again and stay tuned for more soundtrack and music production adventures in 2018!