peace through music


This Gallery is a collection of memories (in no particular order). Special thanks to Rob Scharein for hours and hours of audio recordings, videos, slide shows, as well as helping me with photos, website and songbooks.

In 2014, while visiting the UK, I decided begin recording the bed tracks for a few songs on my ‘Kirtan Lila’ CD, near Glasgow, Scotland. The track, Madana Mohana Murari even included tracking Bag Pipes. Once the recordings were completed, I mixed in ambient field recordings from Jatipura, India. The final mix was completed in Kitsilano, mastered in Vancouver, released in June 2015. Download ‘Kirtan Lila’ here.

Open Door Yoga at Commercial Drive location in Vancouver, BC

Kirtan Vancouver Festival / Bhakti Yoga Vancouver festival programs. Here is from our offerings from programs, a few years ago, now.

Sunny, bright and hot was the weather (and the mood) in 2013 for the bhakti yoga festival at 2nd Beach.

2010 Kirtan Vancouver, with guests Gauravani and Mayapuris, too.

A brief visit to the

Shyamdas, 2011.

Remembering when Shyamdas visited us and we hosted a couple of events in Kitsilano and in Whistler, BC. He got along so well with the Tabla player and was keen to return for skiing. Thanks to Tina in Whistler, he was able to freely visit. He would amaze us with his Kirtan hidden gems from the Teachings of Shri Vallabhacharya. We made distant plans for bringing a group from GPaC for India Bhakti Yoga Retreat. We were all looking so forward to his return in 2013, but instead, we read the shocking news on social media. Shyamdas suddenly left his body as result of a motorbike accident, near Goa, India.

Graced with good fortune, I have continued on to visit India and meet Shyamdas’ Guru’s Family and take Initiation fom Shri Milan Goswami from Pushtimarg, a bhakti yoga and religious sect of Vaishnavism in India.

Diwali Festival ~ Celebrating Unity in Diversity, (2014, 2015)

Friday Labyrinth at St. Paul’s: 2011 – 2017

Coal Harbour Yoga workshops:

Kitsilano Open Door in Kitsilano.

Food Bank gratitude!

I am guessing these last photos were taken 2004-ish. Sweet memories, before Facebook and social media was introduced.