peace through music



I’m posting a bunch of pics of happy moments to remember, sharing some pics of Give Peace a Chant music production, in no particular order. Humble thanks to photographers who sent photos and Rob (below, in tie dye t shirt) especially for audio recordings, videos, slide shows and photos, website and songbooks.

I have loved being able to visit India the most.

Stanley Park, BC is also very nice!

Visiting Calgary, AB, too. Here there is a beautiful chinook arch forming in the sky. I am from Calgary, originally, but have lived on the west coast for most of my life

I’ve visited the UK many times. In 2014, I decided to record bed tracks for a few songs on my ‘Kirtan Lila’ CD, near Glasgow, Scotland. One track included tracking Bag Pipes! The recordings were mixed in Kitsilano, Vancouver, released in June 2015. Download a copy for your library.

Long live Open Door Yoga! Here at Commercial Drive location in Vancouver, BC!


Vancouver’s Ratha-yatra Cart Festival of India. Kirtan Vancouver Festival/Bhakti Yoga Vancouver have created lovely additional Saturday festival programs for a few years, now, sharing with different groups and special guests, leading sacred song and dance in tent venue, even if it rains! Here is from our offerings from programs, a few years ago, now.


Sunny, bright and hot was the weather (and the mood) in 2013 for the bhakti yoga festival at 2nd Beach.


2010 Kirtan Vancouver, with guests Gauravani and Mayapuris, too.

A brief visit to the

Shyamdas, 2011.

Remembering when Shyamdas visited us and we eagerly hosted a couple of events in Kitsilano and in Whistler, BC. He got along so well with the Tabla player and said he was keen to return for skiing, again. Thanks to Tina in Whistler, he was able to freely visit and we all hoped for his return in 2013, and possible India Retreat, but sadly instead, the news came that Shyamdas was suddenly and tragically taken in a motorbike accident, near Goa, India. We met his some of his closest friends from India and the USA, on a tour a few years later.

Diwali Festival! Celebrating unity in diversity, 2014 and 2015

Friday Labyrinth at St. Paul’s Anglican Hall:


Coal Harbour workshops:

Kitsilano Open Door hosted us in Kitsilano, too! Remembering peace through music.

My first experience with bhakti yoga was at an ashram in BC where I stayed for a year on a yoga development / karma program, many years ago now. I finally made it to India, nearly ten years after learning to sing bhajans in BC, then N. Wales and finally, my dream to meet my bhakti guru, my hope for more retreats along the way.

Bhakti is yoga of the heart, we are freely learning expression of our devotion as service and song, literature and poetry. I pray to my Guru to gently open my eyes to the truth.

Food Bank gratitude!

Oh….what a long time ago! I am guessing these last photos were taken 2004-ish, and both are sweet memories.

I will stop here, for now. Photos are meant as an offering, and to remember the love that remains, even after the music fades.