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2020 Update

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In 2020, I’ve been playing with my music projects at home. i108, is a music video project, using only an iPhone 7 and apps, remixing my recordings and putting together playlists on a YouTube channel. My intention is to share mantra music & sound healing online, as a matter of reaching out and staying productive during 2020’s mega-transitions, but also because music production helps me stay positive in 2020.

You are warmly welcome to join in a discussion or post your events at our community group on FB ~ free of charge ~ This group is run by volunteers.

Thanks for keeping in touch and as always, stay tuned! 💕
Sandra Leigh

2019 Music Update:

INDIA 2019 • This video is dedicated to the late, great Shyamdas ji • 2019 Japa walk through the mustard fields of Vraj, all the way to Barsana with Vraj Darshan by Mohan

2019 Music Update continued:
Introducing a new remix project, i108 (music for yoga) Using only the iPhone, I’ve been remixing my favourite recordings of world instrumentals, ideal for yoga class warm ups, activations, modern movement workshops, partner work, dance choreography, yoga dance, even body work. i108 is ideal for choreography for Burlesque, Line Dance, Circle Waltz, even Zumba and Aquafit. i108 soundtrack remixes are available exclusively on YouTube