Just announced! New Year’s Day Evening Kirtan – Monday, January, 1st, 2018


Your Invitation for New Year’s Day Evening, January 1st, 2018

FUNDRAISING Kirtan Donations of $20 or more will receive a choice of digital downloads (Full copies) of our CD releases from Give Peace a Chant, including our latest release, ‘Gopal Lila’ from November 2017!✨🐮🐮✨

Wishing an effulgent New Year 2018 to YOU!
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‘Gopal Lila’ EP – Digital Download Release – November 17 / 17

✨🙏✨ Namasté Friends! We are pleased to announce a NEW CD!
Welcome ✨ ‘Gopal Lila’ ~ 2017!

• Full preview available November 17/17 on BandCamp, you’ll also find ‘Gopal Lila’ on iTunes, Google+, Amazon, Spotify… along with our other CD releases of Kirtan / World Music.

• ‘Gopal Lila’ CD will also be available through Banyen Books & Sound in Vancouver, BC – 3608 W.4th Ave or by mail order 1-800- 663- 8442 / email: thefolks@banyen.com (N. America only)

• 4 tracks (36:00) Gopal Lila EP includes a call and response Kirtan track (for singing along) PLUS+ lush and sensual Instrumental versions, designed especially for inspiring moves in yoga/dance classes.

• An upbeat, soul-inspired soundtrack/offering, ‘Gopal Lila’ celebrates UNITY in DIVERSITY, merging eastern traditions with western musicians, creating (what we hope becomes) one of your favorite recordings to chant along with!

We hope you will enjoy ✨ ‘Gopal Lila’ ✨May All Beings Be at Peace!


F A L L • 2 0 1 7

pre-registration recommended RSVP

Give Peace a Chant✨ Fundraiser CD Soundtrack Release coming soon!✨ 🐮🐮 We are excited to introduce ‘Gopal Lila’! Our latest offering will be available on BandCamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon+ 

Plus ++ Good news! Sponsorship opportunities for a 2nd season of our TV show are now available.  ‘Yoga Moves for Every Body’ as seen on Shaw Multicultural Channel 4 in Vancouver // SMC Channel 10 in Calgary, too!

Meanwhile, enjoy some free playlists. We are on YouTube as YogaMovesTV and givepeaceachant108.


LIVE Kirtan and mantra meditations on SoundCloud as givepeaceachant

Bhajan Night Live

LISTEN: ‘Give Peace a Chant’  Indian Bhajan Night Live (Ecstatic Kirtan)

LISTEN: Vedic mantra meditation (2005) Shantih Paath (prayers for peace).


Summer 2017

We recorded the new tracks at Park Sound Studio in North Vancouver, BC.

If you are interested in recording sound, be it mantra music, or full Kirtan, or whatever your favourite genre, I can definitely recommend Andy and Dan at Park Sound on the North Shore. 🎶✨🎶

Spring 2017

We have some dates for community Kirtan/ Indian Bhajan practice and Satsang, coming up. Please check back and contact Sandra if you are interested in participating in smaller group practices that are not listed here.

Meanwhile, here is a short music video inspired by heavy Spring rain in the forest. I hope my videos / musical offerings will help soothe broken hearts around the world during these crazy times. We offer our best. May all beings be peaceful. May all beings be free from suffering 🌈 🙏 🌈

EnJoy ‘Happiness Hoedown’ from our CD ‘Divine Play’, released 2016:
🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈

Articles and REVIEWS ✨🌈🙏🌈✨2017

Vancouver Courier article, published by Pat Johnson, Vancouver Courier, January 17, 2017:

The Vancouver Courier


BC Musician Magazine Review

Good news today in the form of a music review for Give Peace a Chant Kirtan‘s new CD ‘Divine Play’ (2016). If you haven’t already, please DO have a listen to our music on the Sound & Mantra page and thanks for sharing our music with your friends. Our CD’s are available on Bandcamp / iTunes. ‘Divine Play’ is inspired for yoga, bodywork, dance, sound healing deep relaxation, easy peaceful listening, too. Thanks especially to The Lovecast with Dave O Rama in Nanaimo for the excellent review. Such a great blessing on our project!


Check out the BC Musician Magazine review of our 2016 CD, ‘Divine Play’

‘Divine Play’ is the featured soundtrack for ‘Yoga Moves for Every Body’ as seen on Shaw TV Vancouver Channel 4 // Shaw MultiCultural Channel 116 // and on  YouTube as YogaMovesTV. Thanks for subscribing!

Regular Air Times on Shaw TV Channel 4// MultiCultural Channel 116:
Check Shaw TV Guide for times.

Exciting NEWS! Our 2nd CD ‘Divine Play’ Released on Bandcamp today!

Radhe! 2016 is officially off to a wild and wonderful start! We’re delighted to announce the release of our 2nd CD, ‘Divine Play’, now available on Bandcamp! GPaC’s brand new offering is an Instrumental sequel to 2015’s ‘Kirtan Lila’ CD and once again, east meets west! ‘Divine Play’ offers only a hint of Mantra, and added some great new additional sounds: Banjo, Mandolin, Mellotron, Mrdanga, Kartals and more!  ‘Divine Play’ is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google+ and Spotify. Check the Sound and Mantra for a preview listen. Thank you for your support and sharing a vision for peace through mantra music!


Namasté Friends! Welcome to our new website

We are pleased to introduce a brand new website for Give Peace a Chant Kirtan! We hope you’ll check back often for updates, articles, upcoming Kirtan engagements, past events, including special guests, events and gatherings. To keep up to date, we recommend signing up for our invitations and newsletters at the subscribe button at the bottom of this page.

Our new CD download, ‘Kirtan Lila’ is available here through Bandcamp. You can also find ‘Kirtan Lila’ on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify.


May All Beings Be At Peace.