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Summer News 2018

This weekend in Stanley Park!
OUTDOOR Kirtan from the Heart with Adam Bauer
presented by Bhakti Yoga Vancouver & friends,
local Kirtan musicians!
Saturday, August 11 at 2 PM – 6 PM
Ceperly Park at 2nd Beach
Vancouver, BC, V6G 3E2


Come for both days!
Sunday Vancouver’s 46th Annual
2018 Ratha Yatra Cart Festival
& free vegetarian outdoor picnic!

Networking News and Events


You are welcome to join in online and share your inspired actions, events on the Give Peace a Chant Network on Facebook. Members are approved to share/ post local & international conscious music events/ retreats (including India retreats) /music and invitations, inspirations. If you are going to any ‘Bhakti Festivals’/retreats and can share, information, invitation, ride share/ retreats Networking is helpful for everyone!

Summer News 2017

Summer 2017, we’re working on a Fall release, ‘Gopal Lila’ single EP on a new indie record label, Sandhya Records. Thanks to the guys at Park Sound, I can definitely recommend Andy and Dan on the North Shore. 🎶✨🎶  Park Sound Studio in North Vancouver


2017 News and Reviews

🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶 🌈 🎶
Vancouver Courier, January 17, 2017:
The Vancouver Courier

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BC Musician Magazine Review 🇨🇦

Thanks especially to The Lovecast with Dave O Rama in Nanaimo 🇨🇦 for the sweet review!


BC Musician Magazine  review of our 2016 CD, ‘Divine Play’ 

Good NEWS: Our 2nd CD ‘Divine Play’ Released on Bandcamp today!

Mostly an Instrumental version of the ‘Kirtan Lila’ CD, ‘Divine Play’ is available on Bandcamp,  iTunes, Amazon, Google+ and Spotify.


Welcome News! ✨🙏✨ ‘Kirtan Lila’ CD released, June 2015

Visit our music page for more. Our CD, ‘Kirtan Lila’ is available on Bandcamp iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify. Thanks for listening and may you find your peace through music!












May All Beings Be Peaceful!